Program Focus

Home Dialysis Academy of Excellence (HDAE) is an educational, immersion program created through a collaboration between Stanford Medicine, the University of California Davis Health and Satellite Healthcare. HDAE is designed to provide Nephrology Fellows with a wide and deep understanding of the value and application of home dialysis as a therapeutic option to promote health and wellness for people with end stage kidney disease.


Compared to in-center dialysis, home dialysis therapies are associated with increased patient longevity, shorter recovery times post treatment, a higher quality of life and greater convenience for people whose health and home environments can support it. Yet on average, currently only 13% of dialysis patients choose to receive their dialysis at home.*

Home Dialysis Academy of Excellence aims to educate Nephrology Fellows about the benefits home therapies provide and empower them to shift to a “Home First” mindset.


Nephrology Fellows in fellowship programs in the United States and all of its territories are the intended audience of HDAE.


  1. U.S. based Nephrology Fellows must first apply on the HDAE website.
  2. The HDAE team will then contact the Fellow/ Applicant’s Fellowship Program Director to ensure:
    • The Director supports the Fellow/Applicant attending HDAE.
    • The Fellow/Applicant is in good standing.
    • The Fellow/Applicant can commit to attending at least 2 out of the 3 days of the symposium
  3. The HDAE team, in collaboration with the Nephrology Fellowship Program Director, will then invite the Fellows/Applicants to participate in the symposium.
  4. Once accepted, Fellows/Applicants will be confirmed as HDAE Participants via email from the HDAE team.
  5. Note: Spots at the symposium are reserved on a first come first served basis with priority given to 2nd year Fellows intending to attend all 3 days of the symposium.

When and Where?

The Home Dialysis Academy of Excellence Annual Symposium is typically held each Fall, on site at the Satellite Healthcare Training Center located in Milpitas, CA.

Registration for the HDAE Annual Symposium will open in November of the prior year.


Contact the HDAE Team

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*2021 U.S. Renal Data System Annual Data Report