Recorded Sessions


Whether you are a Nephrology Fellow, a practicing Nephrologist, a dialysis nurse, an administrator, or a renal disease patient who want to learn more about home dialysis therapies, the HDAE team has you covered. From time to time, the HDAE team will host educational webinars aimed at providing practical knowledge about the application of home therapies and related topics.

  • Practical Peritoneal Dialysis: Epidemiology, Prescribing, Troubleshooting and Managing Complications (Hosted on September 14, 2020)

    Presenters: Jose Morfin, MD; Shubha Ananthakrishnan, MD; Brian Young, MD


  • Panel Discussion: Home Dialysis-View from a System Perspective (Hosted on December 7, 2020)

    Moderator: Dr. Brian Brady
    Panelists: Dr. Chitra Reddy; Dr. Bill Raffo; Dr. Eugene Lin; Dr. Osama El Shamy; Dr. Adarsh Bhat; Dr. Graham Abra


  • Practical Home Hemodialysis: Epidemiology, Prescribing, Troubleshooting and Managing Complications (Hosted on March 22, 2021)

    Moderator: Ken Leidner
    Presenter: Dr. Graham Abra


  • Nursing Overview of Home Patient Training and Monthly Visits (Hosted on June 7, 2021)

    Moderator: Dr. Graham Abra
    Presenter: Joanna Neumann, Sarah Stabenow, Yvonne Littl

Below are the educational sessions that were previously hosted. To access these recordings and materials, please log in with the password you were emailed after joining the HDAE community or if you have not done so already, please join our HDAE community today! 

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